Among the available models, our TL30 tower warning lights are the smallest version, with a 30mm diameter only. The easiness of installation, the rugged construction and the small dimensions make this product suitable for several application fields.

Even from distance, the turned-off segments appear grey-coloured, in order to avoid false indications given by ambient light to the operator. When they are lit, the segments can have different colours according to the needed warning: green, red, yellow, blue or white.

This model, like our TL50 stack ligths, can be supplied with an integrated acoustic alarm.

skip loader - ribaltabile

Skip Loaders

truck mounted crane - gru su camion

Truck Mounted Cranes

tracked remote controlled vehicles - veicoli cingolati radiocomandati

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scissor lift - sollevatore a forbice

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marine crane - gru marina

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torrette luminose di segnalazione TL30 con diversi colori
torrette luminose di segnalazione TL30