CLG-F load moment limiters are devices developed for a specific application: forklifts equipped with a boom crane. Thanks to one or two pressure transducers, the CLG-F card can assess in real time whether safety conditions are fulfilled and, in case of risk of overturning, it can block the machine controlling its dump valve or prevent the dangerous maneuvers.



limitatori di momento CLG-F per carrelli elevatori con braccio gru
limitatorI di momento CLG-F Faber-Com
limitatore di carico per carrelli elevatori con braccio gru

A forklift equipped with a boom crane has its center of gravity displaced over the machine’s body, thus affecting the overall stability.
When conveniently calibrated, our CLG-F load limiter allows to inhibit all risky maneuvers, preventing the overloading and the overturning of the forklift.
The video below shows you how, just following some few and simple steps, it is possible to adjust the setting parameters most suitable for your application, using our easy AIS serial interface adapter and the SepSim sotware.

Special thanks to S.P.Z. Emilia S.r.l. for having allowed us to record this video.