Our range of CCU load moment limiters includes the following versions:
• the “S” version is designed for aerial platforms.
• the “X” version, with graphic touch screen panel, usually installed on cranes mounted on truck.
In all versions, the electronic card has the following functionalities: load limiter, radio remote control interface, working area management, stabilizer control, dump valve interface. The presence of two microprocessors (redundant) makes available n. 5 outputs in Safety Category 3.
CAN bus interface on board.

aerial platform - piattaforma aerea

Aerial Platforms

marine crane - gru marina

Marine Cranes

truck mounted crane - gru su camion

Truck Mounted Cranes

Limitadores de momento CCU para plataformas
Limitadores de momento CCU para gruas
Limitadores de momento CCU Faber-Com
Limitadores de momento CCU con pantalla