Faber-Com’s PCG is a PWM proportional control grip able to directly command a couple of proportional solenoids.
The precision and reliability of the operation is always guaranteed, thanks to its PWM current closed loop control.

Furthermore, PCG control handles are fully programmable by the customer, thanks to their integrated serial port. You will simply need our SepSim software (provided free of charge) and our AIS serial adapter.

Like our JP/JS/JC joysticks, all PCG handles can be customized with different versions of:

  • Push buttons
  • Switches
  • Rocker switches
  • Capacitive dead man

Lastly, the integrated LED provides useful information about the status of the device, the activation via haptic feedback/dead man trigger, error codes and more.

A typical application of the product can be on excavators (or, more in general, machines with hydraulic joysticks), whenever it is necessary to implement additional functions.



manopola joystick proporzionale PWM PCG
manopola joystick proporzionale PWM PCG controllo servocomando

In this video, you can see our PCG proportional control grips in action. Our device was used to directly command a proportional actuator (like our MOD10). As you can see, thanks to its PWM current closed loop control, the movements are extremely accurate and precise.