The MAP2, MAS2 and MAC2 are single axis joysticks designed to control 2 proportional solenoids. MAS2 version has signal outputs, while MAP2 has power outputs (PWM). MAC2 instead, has CAN bus outputs.
All versions of joystick are supplied with a spring return simple knob or, optionally, with mechanical clutch.

Furthermore, the 3 types of joystick are available with finger joystick, also in this case, with or without clutch. The versions with finger joystick are called respectively MAP2L, MAS2L and MAC2L.

Like our 2 and 3-axis versions, all our one axis joysticks can be programmed directly by the installer using our AIS interface.

If the joystick has to be fitted on machines working in high-salinity ennvironments, we also have versions for marine use. These models, called MAP3, are subjected to special treatments that allow them to better resist against salt.

aerial platform - piattaforma aerea

Aerial Platforms

drilling rig - macchina perforatrice

Drilling Rigs

excavator - escavatore


forestry and hay cranes - gru forestali e da fieno

Forestry Cranes

forklift - carrello elevatore


hook loader - scarrabile

Hook Loaders

telehandler - carrello telescopico


wood chipper - cippatrice

Wood Chippers

joysticks sobre un eje MAP2L
joysticks sobre un eje con manopla
joysticks sobre un eje - manupalodor de dedo

In the video, you can see a multipurpose agricultural machine developed by one of our Dutch customers. Its traction is commanded thanks to a customised version of our MAP2 single axis manipulators with frictioned simple knob.
That special joystick enables a “cruise control” option, that allows the operator to keep the same speed of the vehicle.