Our forklift control systems can integrate a wide range of components according to the specific requirements of each application.
In particular, we can supply both specific devices and complete solutions for the control of the forklift machine.

Among the solutions we can develop, there are:

  • Joysticks: available on 1, 2 or 3 axis and different types of outputs
  • Radio remote controls: fully customizable with different types of switches, buttons, potentiometers, levers, joysticks and colour or black&white display
  • Multifunction armrest: to have all the commands in a unique support
  • Electronic control cards: to manage different working logics and functions
  • Load limiters: for all forklifts equipped with boom crane and consequently subjected to the safety regulation for mobile cranes


controllo per carrelli elevatori - funzioni
controllo per carrelli elevatori - limitatore di momento

Here you can see a forklift by MORA remotely controlled thanks to a special version of our Scanreco G2B systems. Furthermore, our STU-PWMi control unit controls the logic and working of the machine. Given that the vehicle can be commanded from both the cabin and distance, we have also designed specific features (like sensors under the seat and internal tilt sensor inside the transmitter) to guarantee maximum safety, efficiency and ease of use for the operator.