Faber-Com forestry crane control systems are based on different components, all communicating on a CAN bus network.
In particular, our STUi control card, thanks to its 8+8 proportional PWM outputs and different analogue and digital inputs, allows to fully control all the functions of the machine.

Each system, entirely customizable according the application specification, also integrates:

  • A couple of JC joysticks, to control the crane from the cabin
  • One CanView4 colour display, to configure the working modes and, on option, enable a camera streaming
  • A Scanreco G3 radio remote control to command the timber loader from distance

The possibility of double control (from the cabine and remote) is a big advantage for the operator. Indeed, this feature not only makes the work easier, but also increase the safety on the workplace.


Forestry Cranes

controllo per gru forestale su rimorchio Faber-Com
display - sistema di controllo per gru forestale