Our block of MOD10 proportional servocontrols was developed to allow the remote control (through, for example, a radio or cable remote control) of any type of machine equipped with manual control valves.
Every servocontrol is made of a block of modular hydraulic pistons with mechanical feedback, controlled thanks to  a couple of proportional electro-valves.
The mounting of our MOD10 proportional hydraulic blocks on the dual control rods guarantees the possibility to install them on every type of machine.

MOD10 proportional servocontrols
servocomandi proporzionali MOD10 - MOD10 proportional servocontrols

Our MOD10 hydraulic blocks, installed on the dual control rods, allow the radio remote control to activate the control valve. As you can see in the video, the control is particularly precise and reliable.
Furthermore, with all our Scanreco radio remote controls it is possible to customise currents, speeds, ramps and much more.